2 Guys Investigate: Supper Clubs, Part IV


This is the final post in a series on underground supper clubs (here are parts one, two, and three), dining establishments that operate outside the law. Not exactly restaurants, and not exactly dinner parties, these clubs have developed devoted followings, but what is it that they really do? We wanted to find out. (Most names have been changed to protect the innocent. Today: Finishing Up

By the time the end of one of these supper club meals rolls around, everyone's pretty well sated. Food, whether it's been good or bad, has been plentiful, wine bottles have been drained, and conversation is starting to wind down. Eating and drinking with strangers is a very easy way to break the ice and, as we've mentioned, it's this social aspect that makes these supper clubs unique. People we awkwardly introduced ourselves to at the beginning of the nights now have our email addresses (and we theirs). Other guests we'd met sent us photos of the evening, and if we were to run into any of the guests again, they'd receive a warm hello. (Ian has a tendency to get mean when he's drinking, so we wouldn't be offended if our hello wasn't reciprocated.)

But here's the strange thing about these supper clubs: At every one we went to, most of the attendees had never been to one before. Those who had hadn't been to any different clubs. And this, to us, seems like the biggest draw—the meeting of new people with shared interests. Granted, these clubs are still very much niche dining experiences, and are mostly limited to major cities. But they're a part of a trend that is sure to grow, and perhaps as it does, more people will explore a number of different clubs, the way they might explore different restaurants. And this is definitely something people should explore. Though we never fell in love with any of the clubs that we visited, we were never disappointed either. The most expensive dinner we had was $40 a person, and that price included alcohol (we can't emphasize it enough: lots of alcohol), so it's certainly not something that's cost prohibitive when you compare it to what a similar meal at a restaurant would run you. The bottom line is that it's worth going to a couple of clubs and seeing what they're all about. At the very least, you'll meet a few new food-loving faces to talk with for an evening. That is, you will if you can manage to get in…

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