10 Questions for Geoffrey Drummond

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Watch the episode of Avec Eric where we went on a wild-boar hunt in Chianti, got caught in a major thunderstorm, cinghiale crazily running away from hunters, dogs, and thunder, all equally crazed, and Eric (on camera) and myself (hiding behind cameraman), fearing that the pancetta and eggs for breakfast might have been our last meal. Yet after making it back to the hunting camp, we shared some vino fatto in casa as we dried off at the hunting lodge, and then settled into an amazing ragù of cinghiale. As Julia Child liked to say, “What fun we had!”

GL: If you had an unlimited budget and could produce any type of show, what would it be about?

GD: It would be a luscious transoceanic adventure show about fish—a combination of BBC’s Living Planet with Lost, and maybe a bit of Mondo Cane, the dedication of Jacques Cousteau, a script informed by Anthony Bourdain and Peter Matthiessen, and all hosted and tasted by Eric Ripert.

GL: What projects are you working on right now? Any beans you can spill?

GD: Yes, some version of the above with Eric Ripert; a celebration honoring Julia Child’s 100th birthday; and a baking series with Dorie and Joshua Greenspan’s cookie bars that literally “pop up” around the world, from Paris to Sydney to Tokyo to L.A., NYC…and…

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