Blind Items: Celebrities’ Secret Eating Habits

Published in Gourmet Live 02.15.12
Former Page Six editor Paula Froelich on peculiar eating habits of Tinseltown

Ah, food. When it comes to dining in or out, we all have our own little peccadillos, which may not be noticed by anyone except those closest to us. But if you’re one of the lucky few who breathe the rarefied air of the Hollywood Hills, things are different—and everyone notices. Due to the pressure to be thin, beautiful/handsome, sexy—and under the constant threat of paparazzi—many celebrities adopt extreme eating habits. Or sometimes they just can’t help it, and, when the stress gets to them, lash out at food industry workers.

For 10 years as the deputy editor of the New York Post’s Page Six column, I chronicled the lives of the rich and famous. I ate at their tables, and split the check at restaurants with them. And I’m here to tell you, we all have some weird eating issues. For your enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the stranger quirks of our favorite entertainers.

This Oscar-winning actress has very specific demands when it comes to her diet. She once stayed at a Hollywood hotel and, according to a former staff member, insisted that a lone roasted chicken be brought to her at exactly 12:15 p.m. The chicken was to be wheeled into the room by a staff member, who would drop it off on a desk. There was no sign of the actress, although the staffers knew she was in the room somewhere, as “she hadn’t left, so she must have been hiding.” At exactly 3:15 the staffers were instructed to pick up the chicken carcass, which had been picked clean. “It was like that scene in Jurassic Park,” the staffer said. “Where the goat was tied up and left for the T. rex.” Word is that was all the actress would eat all day every day.

This Hollywood staple, whose weight is constantly chronicled on gossip sites, tries her best to be classy but just can’t help that she’s a redneck at heart. When she comes to New York, she will go to dinners at the most expensive places—like Per Se or Jean Georges—with agents or TV executives, but afterward will immediately call Virgil’s BBQ and order up a huge plate of ribs, mashed potatoes, and all the fixin’s. A friend said, “The portions at all those fancy places are just so small. She thinks they’re like appetizers, and those restaurants just never satisfy her—but she has to go because that’s what she thinks people want her to do.”

Which model/actress maintains her weight with a special smoothie she drinks at every meal? Every time she eats out, she will pull a large plastic cup from her bag, which contains a nefarious liquid laxative she calls her “smooth move.” After every meal she disappears in the bathroom for a while, explaining that with the help of her shake, “you eat a burger, a burger comes out.” This might also explain her notoriously bad temper.

This Oscar-nominated actor is a bit of an eccentric. He once went to the racetrack with a group of friends. It was a fancy group and one of the friends owned several horses, so they sat in the VIP restaurant section of the track. While lunch was being served, the actor, who could have used a bath, looked at the woman next to him and said, “Wanna see something?” and proceeded to put his dirty feet on the table, proudly displaying his toes, which had been painted like little American flags. “I did them myself!” the actor bragged while the woman gagged.

Which singer turned actress eats like she’s pregnant? She likes to show up at ritzy Los Angeles restaurants and ignore their carefully prepared menus. Instead, she will order a plate of French fries then dip them in a bowl of maple syrup while downing bottles of Champagne. She’s also a fan of everything fried and has a hard time eating healthy—which would explain the recent weight gain.

Which mega action star can’t go anywhere without his bodyguards? He will show up at L.A. eateries with a crew of G-men in tow and while he eats, they surround his table. “It’s like announcing he’s in the joint. Not exactly unobtrusive,” sighed a restaurateur. Meanwhile, he’s a bit of a control freak. He’s always very “pumped up”—physically and psychologically—but it’s not due to drugs. He will order “at least“ 12 Coca-Colas during a meal and never touches a drop of alcohol as, “he doesn’t like to be out of control or drunk but because he has so much caffeine, he’s always very hyper and intense.”

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