Blind Items: Celebrities’ Secret Eating Habits

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Which super producer will only order diet, caffeine-free Coca-Cola—and insist it be brought to him in a closed can and opened in front of him at the table? That way, he can be assured that no other drink will ever accidentally pass his lips.

In Hollywood, oftentimes it seems the bigger you are, the lower your self-esteem. There is a manager, who is almost as famous as his clients and has repped the biggest names in the business. This manager has been known to pick on people who are in a lesser position than him. Almost every time he dines out, if he is in a bad mood or feels like he is not being paid the respect he thinks he deserves, he tries his hardest to get someone fired—even if it’s for something as simple as a waiter being too slow to fill a water glass or a maître d’ not being “courteous” enough (read: kissing his you-know-what enough). Meanwhile, a Hollywood doyenne who dabbles as a contributor for a Hollywood magazine has this same problem. She has been known to walk into eateries and start screaming if she feels someone else has been given a better table—she has also been known to reduce hostesses to tears by threatening to get them fired and yelling at them in front of other customers.

Which TV personality who is known to have been to the far corners of the earth and brags about how she will “eat anything”—doesn’t actually eat much? She has been known to pack PowerBars wherever she goes because she doesn’t actually eat foreign food. Instead she will “pretend to eat and then spit it out in my napkin. I have to have PowerBars or I would starve!”

Which celebrity chef actually refused to prepare food for Laura Bush? According to our source, the then First Lady came into the chef’s eatery and ordered a meal and the chef—an anti-war activist who was furious with President Bush over the war in Iraq—had to sit it out and have his sous-chef prepare the meal as he “didn’t trust himself not to do something awful to the food. It was his form of defiance.”

Which Golden Globe winner doesn’t have many fans in the restaurant industry? He’s known to relentlessly and creepily hit on pretty waitresses and doesn’t like to part with much of his hard-earned cash on tips. In L.A., people put up with it—but not so much in the rest of the country. He once walked into a pricey eatery in Aspen and demanded a last-minute table for himself and a large group of friends on a busy Saturday night. He was asked to never return after he left a DVD of his TV show on the table in lieu of a tip. Word is the DVD was also thrown at his head as a parting shot from the angry waiter.

Which diva, whose biopic will hit screens in 2013, loves Carnegie Deli? Our spies saw the hefty lass loading up one afternoon, ordering “a pound” each of pastrami, corned beef and roast beef—before wondering, “should I get a vegetable?” Two seconds later, she looked at the man behind the counter and said, “a pound of potato salad!”

Paula Froelich is a New York–based journalist and New York Times best-selling novelist. She is currently working on another novel while traveling the world and trying to placate her dachshund, Karl.

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