The 53 Best Things We Ate This Year

Published in Gourmet Live 12.19.12
Gourmet Live and Epicurious staff and contributors name their most savory, succulent, sweet, and all-around stellar meals of 2012
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Chestnut Ravioli, Eataly
New York

The best meals have the power to transport. This one—chestnut ravioli from Eataly in New York that I dressed at home with tomato sauce, lemon, sage, and thin slivers of ripe Robiola cheese—took me to the medieval town of Bergamo Alta, a place I've only read about. There, chestnuts are plentiful, an ancient food of survival. In New York City, where I live, one pays dearly for the cost of not having to pick, peel, dry, and turn them into pasta oneself, but eating the chestnut ravioli is a worthy rite of the passing into fall. Sitting before this plate I was somewhere else, long ago, breathing cool mountain air, surrounded by the lively, easy pace of Italian life.

Sarah Copeland, author of the Newlywed Cookbook and blogger at

PHOTO: Sarah Copeland

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