The 53 Best Things We Ate This Year

Published in Gourmet Live 12.19.12
Gourmet Live and Epicurious staff and contributors name their most savory, succulent, sweet, and all-around stellar meals of 2012
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Fondue au Vieux Comté, Auberge La Petite Echelle
Rochejean, France

On a springtime trip to the Jura region of France, we stopped for lunch at Auberge La Petite Echelle, a rustic inn perched high in the mountains. Our host, Norbert Bournez, prepared a hearty meal of potato rösti topped with fatty slices of the local smoked Morteau sausage and salad, but the fondue appetizer stole the show. As you'd expect, the fondue arrived gooey and cheesy, but this version was surprisingly light and brightened with an intriguing blend of seasonings. As I dipped chunk after chunk of crusty homemade bread into the pot, M. Bournez, an avid forager, explained his recipe: plenty of aged Comté cheese, a splash of vin jaune (the legendary sherry-like white wine of the region), a pinch of dried mushrooms and sweet woodruff, and, for an exotic touch, a few crushed pink peppercorns. Transformative.

Molly Stevens, author of All About Roasting and All About Braising

PHOTO: Molly Stevens

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