The Test Kitchen:

Gourmet’s Favorite Cookies, Deconstructed


In our online feature Gourmet’s Favorite Cookies 1941-2008, we bring you the best cookie from each year of Gourmet’s history. Here, test kitchen director Ruth Cousineau introduces a selection of her favorites from the early years, plus one comparatively recent pick. Check out the delicious options, and then make a batch (or nine) of your own: Scotch Oat Crunches (1943), Old-Fashioned Christmas Butter Cookies (1947), Jelly Centers (1948), Sugar Shuttles (1951), Palets de Dames (1952), Gingerbread Men (1959), Cottage Cheese Cookies (1962), Curled Wafers (1963), and Basler Brunsli (1994).

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