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Luncheon is à la carte at Whyte's, and dinners run from $1.60. They are closed after luncheon on Saturday. If you have never been there, I suggest you try it.

We have only begun to touch the downtown possibilities at this point. Willy's, at 160 William Street, is one of the old standbys which has made such a good reputation for the fish they serve that many of the Fulton Market people patronize the place regularly. What greater praise could you ask! They are open for luncheon and dinner five days a week and are definitely worth a visit. Understand one thing—all these places which specialize in fish and more or less hearty food are not what one usually thinks of as fish restaurants. They are picturesque old spots which have maintained a definite standard all through the years in which they have been in business.

Until we get time again to wander the streets of lower Manhattan, these few restaurants are the ones we can recommend. But don't hesitate to try any of the old established places in that section, for chances are far greater for finding successful dining than in the average place uptown.

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