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A Dominican Glossary

alcapurria: a deep-fried pocket made from yuca, yautía, or plantain dough, stuffed with chicken, beef, crab, shrimp, or fish

batatas: sweet potatoes, often boiled and cut into chunks

concon: the crust of rice that forms at the bottom of the pan

friquitaqui: a sandwich of ground beef or salami, carrot, tomato, mayonnaise, and hot sauce, served on a white roll

fritura: fried finger foods containing meat

gandules: pigeon peas, often served with rice

habichuelas con dulce: a dessert of red beans and coconut milk

kipe: the Dominican version of kibbeh; deep-fried pockets of bulgur dough, often stuffed with beef and raisins

mabí: a cooling fermented nonalcoholic drink made from ginger, sugar, and the bark of the mabí (smooth snakebark) tree

majarete: a sweet pudding made from corn and coconut

mangú: boiled and mashed plantain, often served with queso frito (fried cheese) or fried eggs

parcha: passion-fruit juice

pastelito de pollo: deep-fried dough stuffed with chicken

pollo guisado: stewed chicken, often prepared with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and lemon

yaniqueque: a “johnnycake” made from deep-fried dough

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