Catalan seafood stew

The sky is blue, the sun is sparkling off the water, and the aroma of grilling meat mingles with the spicy scent of the oregano on the coals. Any minute now you can jump into the sea, but at this moment an expert is showing you the secrets of authentic Greek food. We’ve spent the past year looking for the world’s best cooking classes, and we’ve come back with great tips, fabulous recipes, and a collection of truly amazing places to visit. Whether you want to spend a luxurious week in a country villa with a teacher all your own, camp in the jungle and learn exotic tropical dishes, or just brush up your skills with a two-hour class in an urban outpost, there’s surely something here to suit you. And if you want to skip the trip and just start cooking, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied, too. Classes begin on page 36.
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  • 36 France: Two Bordelais Recipe on page 36
  • 38 India: Philipkutty’s Farm
  • 42 New York: Jean George’s Culinary Master Course
  • 44 Morocco: Peggy Markel Recipe on page 44
  • 48 Italy: Academia Barilla


  • 54 Laos: Tamarind
  • 56 Republic of Georgia: The Route of Flavors Recipe on page 58
  • 61 Malaysia: Lazat Malaysian Home Cooking Classes; Ismail Ahmad
  • 63 India: Tellicherry Pepper


  • 64 France: On Rue Tatin
  • 72 Italy: Homebase Abroad Recipe on page 72
  • 76 Greece: Kea Artisanal Recipe on page 76
  • 78 Sicily: Regaleali Vineyards
  • 78 India: Nimmy Paul
  • 80 Ireland: Ballymaloe Cookery School Recipe on page 79
  • 82 Chile: Mapuyampay Hostal Gastronómico Recipe on page 83
  • 84 Croatia: Stancija 1904 Recipe on page 84
  • 86 Spain: Catacurian
  • 88 Italy: Enrica Rocca Cooking School
  • 88 France: Les Petits Farcis
  • 90 California: The Apple Farm Recipe on page 90
  • 92 Thailand: The Thai House Recipe on page 92


  • 94 Australia: The Unlimited Cuisine Company Recipes on page 94
  • 96 Hong Kong: Martha Sherpa
  • 98 England: Padstow Seafood School
  • 100 Mexico: Culinary Adventures Recipe on page 100
  • 102 England: Richard Bertinet


  • 104 Mexico: La Cocina Que Canta
  • 106 Santa Fe: The Conscious Gourmet Culinary Retreat
  • 106 California: Wellness Kitchen


  • 108 New York: The Culinary Institute of America
  • 110 Hong Kong: Chopsticks Cooking Centre Recipe on page 110
  • 112 Thailand: Thai Cookery School
  • 112 Canada: Fairburn Farm

One or Two Day

  • 114 Australia: Sydney Seafood School
  • 114 Canada: Le Cordon Bleu
  • 116 Las Vegas: Creative Cooking
  • 118 Brooklyn: Julie Sahni Recipe on page 118
  • 122 New York: Viking Cooking Schools
  • 122 New York: Astor Center
  • 124 Spain: A Taste of Spain
  • 124 Thailand: Four Seasons; Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi
  • 129: New York: Experiential Cuisine Recipe on page 129

And More…

  • 130 Cruises: Cook While Sailing the World
  • 196 Plus: Some of our Favorite Schools From Past Trips
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172 Dinner is in Session

After attending dozens of cooking schools, we thought it only right that we place some of the dishes we picked up—including spicy crab spaghettini; chicken breasts Provençal; and lemon curd tart—on your table.
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