Lovelorn and depressed, the author moved to Paris and found a city that not only restored her to her senses, it taught her how to savor the texture of everyday life.
If it’s possible for a city to give you a knowing wink, Paris does so, in elusive and tantalizing ways, each time this novelist visits.
People fall in love in Paris—with the food, with the wine, and even with the people they’ll someday marry.
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36 Fresh

Chefs and the City Where they eat, shop, and stay.
Magazine / Drinks

44 Foreign Vin-Vasion

Some of the best wine bars in Paris aren’t even run by the French.

50 Wine Advice

Cabernet Francs, Sauvignon Blancs, Syrahs, Mâcon Blancs, and Red Bordeaux.
Now here’s a plum assignment: Visit the legendary bars of some of Paris’s most luxurious hotels and let us know what you think. Some people have all the luck.
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40 A Taste of September

Leading a colorful life with French macarons.
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60 A few of our favorite Parisian things.
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