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150 Butchers’ Secrets

Six savory recipes—including six-spice hanger steak and grilled skirt steaks with tomatillos two ways—that give you a whole lot of bang for your buck.
Magazine / Kitchen Notebook
178 You’ve heard all about Eve, but what about charlottes? … hey, why is this apple tart upside down? … getting to know your cuts of beef (and all their aliases).
Magazine / The Last Touch

190 Pep Talk

From frozen yogurt to tuna steak, black peppercorns can jazz up any dish.
Magazine / Good Living

34 Fresh

The food is good, but how’s the menu? … they’re serious about sushi in San Francisco … community supported pies.
Magazine / Cooking

60 A Taste of October

The pupu platter has been transformed into a 21st-century classic. Really, it has.
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60 It Ain’t Necessarily So

Alcohol burns off during cooking. Fact or fiction?
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36 Steaking a Claim to the Best BBQ

A cameo in the movie Sideways may have made the Hitching Post II a household name, but the real star here is the sirloin.
Is Alinea truly the best restaurant in America? The shock and awe on diners’ faces seem to say it all.
These 11 joints were already on the map when Gourmet debuted in 1941—and they’re still worth a detour today.
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