Winter Holidays

white Moravian Christmas cookies

Gourmet’s Favorite Cookies: 1941-2008

We’ve picked the most amazing cookie recipe from each year of Gourmet’s history. Find out what made the list—and what you’ll be baking this holiday season.

Part 1: Our Test Kitchen director introduces a selection of her favorites from the early years, plus one comparatively recent pick.

Part 2: Gourmet shares the stories behind its cookies from the past three decades. We have a cookie to suit every craving, including Spritz cookies (1983) and Maida Heatter’s Chocolate Cookies with Gin-Soaked Raisins (2000).
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Holiday Party Recipes

Pour the drinks, cue up the carols, and don your swankiest holiday garb. As a prelude to dinner or instead of it, these easy, elegant hors d’oeuvres are perfect party pleasers.

Christmas Six Ways

Ham, lamb, goose, or turkey? No matter what’s at the center of your table, we’ve got you covered: Each of these exclusive menus offers a lavish main dish and all the right trimmings.

Hanukkah Menus: Eight Days, Four Ways

Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly finger food or a sophisticated sit-down dinner, these recipes are sure to satisfy.

Holiday Cooking Tips

Aromatherapy in Your Kitchen

Food editor Ian Knauer shows you how to make your kitchen and your house smell great, even when you’ve burned things in the oven.

Kitchen Notebook: (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

This time of year, we all want to make an effort, get creative, and delight our very favorite people with unexpected treats. Here we show you some cookie-decorating tips from a pro.

How to Roll Out Thin Cookie Dough

Food editor Lillian Chou shares a tip for rolling out extra-thin cookie dough—with no mess and no extra flour.

How to Get a Moist Turkey with a Butter-Rub

Food editor Lillian Chou shows you how to use a butter-rub to get moist and succulent turkey meat. Here, Lillian uses miso butter, but you can also use this tip with plain butter or black-truffle butter.

How to De-Fat a Turkey Stock

Food editor Andrea Albin demonstrates two ways to de-fat a turkey stock. Use this tip when making any turkey gravy.

How to Thicken Gravy

Food editor Melissa Roberts shows how to use arrowroot, cornstarch, and beurre manié (a classic French paste of flour and butter) to thicken gravy.

Perfect Your Pie Dough Technique

Our food editors show how easy it is to make pastry dough and roll it out for your holiday pies and tarts.

The Technique: Sweet Dough

Chef Richard Bertinet demonstrates his technique for making sweet dough, which can be used for doughnuts, sweet rolls, and stollen.

How to Make a Parchment Cone for Cake Decorating

Food editor Lillian Chou shows you how to make a simple parchment cone (also known as a pastry bag) for decorating cookies and cakes.

Gourmet Holiday Greeting Cards

Each card in this set features a beautiful cookie photo from our December issue, with the recipe for the cookie inside. Send them to friends. Keep them for yourself. Or bake up batches of cookies to send as gifts with the cards.
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Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve got lots of gift ideas for the foodies in your life, of course, but this year we’ve also branched out to include presents for pets, kids, and the home.
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