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Kemp's Kitchen: Ice Cream to Detour For

Kemp Minifie reveals the source of the ultimate roadside cone
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Kemp's Kitchen: The Hamburger Helper

The perfect patty is not medium–rare: Eight simple tips for a safe burger season from expert Kemp Minifie
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Kemp's Kitchen: Quinoa

Our ingredient guru Kemp Minifie digs up the hearty history of the whole-grain hero
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Kemp's Kitchen: Rhubarb Remix

“Here’s what I’d like you to test today,” said Zanne Stewart (then Zanne Zakroff), the brand-new executive food editor of Gourmet magazine, as she handed me two recipes. “The ingredients are waiting for you in the fridge over there.”...
Kemp Minifie
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When Mom's KISS means: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Kemp Minifie details her 32-year journey to discovering simplicity in the Gourmet kitchens
food + cooking

A 21st-Century Take on Turkey

Kemp Minifie carves up the clichés to serve this year’s bird four revelatory ways

Gourmet Live: A Honey of a Cake

Get the inside story from Kemp Minifie on a sublime dessert that's ideal for Rosh Hashanahand everything else on your calendar

Gourmet Live: Kemp's Kitchen Deep Into Freezing

What's so cool about canning? The freezer's the place to stash summer's bounty, Kemp Minifie contends
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