food + cooking

The Real World of Rachel Gaffney

This Irish import is teaching Dallas a thing or two about authentic entertaining and the magic of pure ingredients, Molly O’Neill reports
travel + culture

Travel Smart: Five Rules of the Rental Road

Gourmet’s travel editor wants you to get out on the highway, looking for adventure.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Campagne

Ireland needs more restaurants like Campagne to fulfill its promise as a gastronomic destination, but Campagne is a step in the right direction.
travel + culture

Terra Madre Ireland

Smoked goat cheese, Waterford blaa, and more: a weekend with the stars of this country’s vigorous artisanal-food movement.

Along the Liffey

Walking the drizzly streets of Dublin.
April 2007

Changing Keys

Fifteen miles south of the city of Cork, Kinsale is promoted as the gourmet capital of Ireland—but food is not why I’m here.
September 2005

No Fish Story

Once upon a time in Ireland, meatless meals on Friday were just as bad as the selections on any other day of the week.
August 2003
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