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The World’s Greatest Restaurant in 1969

A 40-year-old debate about the best food in the world reveals how our tastes have—and haven’t—changed.
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Ladies Who Lunched

They were a far cry from the glamorous Sex and the City crowd, but 150 years ago, women regularly gossiped over lengthy restaurant meals.
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Medieval Tastes

Remember back in history class, when they told you that spices were prominent in medieval times to keep meat from spoiling? They were wrong.
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Meats That Time Forgot

In Slovenia, old delicacies like dormice and bear are still consumed with gusto.
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Eggs and Ambergris

Similar to pumice, with an aroma like the sea and an overtone of animal scent, this strange substance could be the next hot flavor.
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Thigh That Pigeon

Medieval rules for meat-carving are stricter than you might imagine.
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