Thyme-Maple Cream Biscuits

Made with cake flour and cream, these biscuits are just what you want them to be: miraculously light and tender.
March 2009
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Peppercorn-and-Thyme-Roasted Goose

Goose is a nice alternative to turkey. It is all dark meat with rich, buttery flesh and is fattier than turkey. (registration required)
December 2008

Roasted-Tomato Tart

Fruit tart desserts often steal the spotlight in summer, but this easy savory treat showcases plum tomatoes in their prime.
July 2006

Poached Apricots in Vanilla-Thyme Syrup With Crème Fraîche

When buying fresh apricots, look for fruit that is plump, fragrant, and gives a little when squeezed.
May 2001
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