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Quenching the Global Thirst for Clean Water

More than one billion of the world's population cannot count on safe water for drinking and cooking. But new technologies are helping to bring fresh sips to the mouths of millions, Katherine Harmon reports...
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Salted Water for Boiling

Former Gourmet magazine food editor—and current Gourmet Live senior editor—Kemp Minifie explores the passion, contention, and most of all, humor, surrounding the simplest recipe ever associated with the magazine...
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Water, Water Everywhere

Our examination of the planet's most important liquid asset includes a look at new technologies delivering clean drinking water worldwide, plus a visual tour of global ice treats, a visit to the island of...
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Eight Great Water Ices in Philadelphia

A local invention, the redundantly named water ice is a cross between a Slurpee and sorbet, with an influence of Italian ice.

Moscow Mule

One of the first popular vodka drinks, it may not have thawed the Cold War, but it did buck the anti-Soviet trend.
March 1955
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Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: H20

Discover how chefs think about water, and the ways in which it transforms their recipes.

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